A Failed Audition Story

Photo by Jakob Owens
Photo by Sam Moqadam

She starts

She steps in to the frame, and I start,

Heyy, hi, I can’t help but notice that you eye on my buddy jumping like a teenage kangaroo there. Don’t know why would you eye on that stupid creature. But I’m his wing man and… I got one job to do. He kinda look stupid now but sure is a smooth dancer. Just he’s lil shy to come here. Would you ladies be interested to dance with us?

Photo by Long Truong

You notice that I eye you and I eye for you.
You don’t understand whats going on.
I look as if I knew this all along.

Photo by Alan Labisch

I walk towards you and touch your cheek and say,

Its been always the same with you. I have met every single version of you in all the parallel worlds that is out there. You and I always find a way. I never thought this was possible but love is the only truth.

As you get some sense back to reality, you see my buddy who was dancing with you was me the whole time.




I write stories of climate, people and love.

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I write stories of climate, people and love.

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